On Valentine’s Day, I participated in a design hackathon called Protothon organized by DubsTech. Myself along with 4 other individuals across the globe, worked for 23hrs straight to submit the following app concept. TLDR;) – The Long Distance Relationship App.

Our Task:

Your task is to envision an experience that provides a fun engaging virtual valentine’s day experience for long distance couples bringing them closer together by heart. (The end product did not need to be used only on Valentine’s Day).

Our Solution:
Long distance relationships are hard. We hear you. We’ve created TLDR;). The central hub for all long distance relationships, bringing distant lovers together.
Link to Figma Prototype
Link to Google Slides
Link to Brainstorm


We created a survey through Google Forms and with such limited time, we decided to distribute the link to the survey to our personal Facebook networks as well as posting on ux design subreddits.

From the survey, we noticed that majority of our audience was between the ages of 18-32 who have been in long distance relationships of at least 6 month and averaging up to a year. 

We gathered some info on common activities and obstacles to help us understand how we can help LDRs build on their current foundation.

The Problem

Our users all mentioned similar problems and hoped to find a solution to help them strengthen their bond with their significant other.

Different time zones was the number one problem for our users. They found it difficult to plan around schedules especially when their SO lived in another time zone.

LDRs were having a hard time keeping things fresh as they ran out of ideas for new activities.

Spending quality time and balancing lives are a constant struggle as couples had to manage personal and work schedules on both sides.

The Solution

TLDR;) is the central hub for all long distance relationships. Our app is designed to help LDRs of all types (monogamous or polyamorous).

The home screens show you & your loved one(s) together, side by side to reinforce a sense of belonging.

Video calling has never been more fun with you and your loved one’s image stacked, you get a sense of “togetherness.”

Our planner offers a combined view of your availability, as well as your significant others, allowing a sense of ease to make time for each other.

Final Presentation

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